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Gaman Santhal


Gaman Santhal was born on November 5, 1995, in Santhal, Mahesana, Gujrat. He is 26 Years old as in 2019. GamanBhai’s family was poor. They came to Ahmedabad. He started in Job at the age of 11. In Ahmedabad, he worked in the finance office and driving for 5 years. At this time, he received a salary from 2000 to 3000 thousand. Gamanbhai was very fond of listening to Mataji Regadi from an early age. Then they learned about Mataji Regadi. After this, he also learned Garba ballads and Bhajan songs. The first stage performance of Gamanbhai was performed by Mehsana. when a god function was performed. Gaman was born and raised up in Rabari Family. his father’s name is Raybhanbhai Rabari. Gaman Santhal wife’s name is Mitalben. Gaman has Three sons his names are Dipti Rabari, Jaydip Rabari, Lakhu Rabari.


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