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Patel Processing Studios: Redefining Gujarati Cinema

Discover Patel Processing Studios, where we passionately create and elevate Gujarati narratives, enriching cinema with compelling stories that resonate globally.

Patel Processing Studios: Leading Gujarati Film Production

Your Gateway to Gujarati Cinema in the USA

Introducing your exclusive destination for Gujarati movies – only at Patel Processing Studios. Get ready to make waves across the USA!

Are you ready to make a significant impact? Join us in producing captivating movies and distributing them nationwide. Our state-of-the-art studios cater to the modern needs of aspiring directors, storytellers, and industry professionals alike.

Movie Production

Co-produce your movies with us or let us produce it for you conveniently!

Film Distribution

Even a good script needs mass distribution to gather an audience - let’s do it!

Indian Festivities

Experience the magic of Indian culture with our lively Musical and Garba events across the USA.

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